When we started working with mint, we had no idea of the digital advertising's power for our business, and now it's at the center of our growth. The team is helping us keep up with the quick evolution of this industry in a highly personalized way.

Romy and Myriam Belzile-Maguire, Founders
Head Office
Montréal, QC
Number of employees
High-end women footwear


Drive online sales across the country while increasing Montreal and Toronto stores foot traffic.


  1. Hesitation to buy a designer shoe online without trying it on first.
  2. Competitive industry with an overabundance of local and international players.
  3. High seasonality of demand and short life span of trends.

Our Strategies.

Track offline conversions to measure in-store sales generated by advertising campaigns.
High ad rotation to increase the performance of new collections.
Pre-opening strategy of physical stores to facilitate brand entry in new markets.

How did we reach the goal?

Promotion of the Online and In-Store Summer 2020 Sample Sale

Event Response campaigns to increase attraction to physical stores followed by Conversion campaigns to drive online sales.

Campaign for the Winter Boot Collection

Winter boot campaigns begin in October well before the first snowflakes in order to stay top of mind before the buying process. Promoting the fall/winter collection on 3 advertising platforms with inspiring visual content, diversified placements and strategic targeting, allows us to reach our target effectively and build a high-performing conversion funnel.

The Results.

increase in annual revenue

in 3 years (09/17 - 08/18 vs. 09/20 - 08/21)

sales increase

for the 2020 winter collection versus 2019.

of online sales

came from outside Quebec in 2020.

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