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Montreal, QC
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Real Estate - Rental Condos


Collect qualified leads for the sales team.
Increase the project's visibility. 


  1. Additional targeting restriction on Meta Ads for the special ad category (real estate).
  2. Multiple real estate projects underway in the same area.
  3. Limited visuals available due to the construction phase during the leasing period.

Our Strategies.

Customize advertisements based on events and seasons to showcase the benefits of Mellem.
Boost brand awareness through a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising campaign.
Capitalize on engaging video content, such as "home decor tips," in pre-roll ads on YouTube and social media to introduce the brand.

How did we reach the goal?

Adapting to the moment, seasonality, and events.

Custom-tailored advertisements designed to capitalize on current events were created to capture the target audience's attention on social media.

In response to the rise in gas prices, ads highlighting Tesla car-sharing and clever wordplay to allude to the situation were deployed online.

Similarly, to underscore the growing popularity of remote work, emphasis was placed on facilities, highlighting their proximity. The idea was to evoke the impression among the target audience that a blissful break between meetings is possible with Mellem.

Ingenious Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising Campaign.

An indoor and outdoor digital out-of-home advertising campaign was implemented to promote the project.

The messages were customized, taking into account specific locations and the time of day. For instance, in nearby gyms, we highlighted the numerous benefits of the Mellem fitness center, emphasizing its indoor pool. Conversely, at nearby gas stations, a message like "Fuel up on extraordinary moments" was displayed.

The Results.

units rented in Brossard

In just 20 months. 

average cost per lead 

From June 2021 to June 2022.

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