The mint. team has been doing a bang-up job for us month after month for a few years now. Our campaign strategist Catherine knows our industry and is constantly challenging many areas of our marketing plan. She comes up with first class paid acquisition strategies and is always super quick to implement them. Thank you, Catherine!

Cécile Dufour, CEO & Founder
VIVA Clinics
Head Office
Quebec, QC
Number of employees
Aesthetic care


Increase the clientele of 3 clinics and become the leader in aesthetic care in Quebec City.


  1. High competition from smaller players and presence of larger players in the market with greater brand awareness and marketing budget
  2. Audience restricted to a limited geographic area
  3. Wide range of services, some of which are quite complex and require education

Our Strategies.

Developped a content calendar based on the seasonality of services.
Granual paid search campaign structure showing personalized ads to users searching for specific aesthetic services, solutions and issues.
Large advertising budget to compete with the big players in the market.

How did we reach the goal?

Ad Variations for the Same Promotion

VIVA promotions are valid for several weeks and are deployed using a large portion of the monthly budget. We continually create A/B tests with ad variations to maximize the delivery of the best performing formats, images, videos and ad copies. Our high variation of ads also helps to limit ad fatigue. Since our campaigns mostly target audiences around the VIVA Cliniques, a strong rotation allows us to reach the same target with a different message every time. 

Granular Campaign and Ad Group Structure for High Personalization

In order to reach all potential customers' searches, we implemented a granular campaign structure that allows us to reach users looking for the service itself, a specific problem or an alternative solution. This allows us to show ads directly related to their searches and maintain an average click-through rate of 19%. To maximize budget and impressions, we adjust bids monthly based on search times, types and locations. This campaign structure keeps our cost per click below $1 each month and position VIVA's ads on the top of the competition's 75% of the time.

Google Ads Performances:
Average CTR: 19% (vs. 3.17% industry benchmark)
Outranking share : 75% (vs. 3.17% industry benchmark)
Average CPC: $0.95 (vs $3.53 industry benchmark)

The Results.

monthly leads

during the last year.

cost per lead

during the last 3 years.


opening in 2022 to meet the high demand.

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