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A mix of atypical backgrounds and varied passions, but all the same obsession for performance. Collaborate with a team of overachievers, driving the growth of inspiring businesses.

Who does mint. do?

We accelerate the growth of disruptive organizations with creative, high-performing & measurable digital advertising strategies.

Where are we going ?

We want to be the Canadian reference in digital advertising to be undeniably the best growth partner for innovative brands.

Our Values.

We tell the cold hard truth.

Got a piece of lettuce in your teeth? It's uncomfortable for us to point it out and embarrassing for you to hear. But we'll all feel better after addressing it. Our radical transparency leads to trusting relationships.

Be curious like a kid on a field trip to the zoo.

You have no other choice when you evolve in an environment where the rules of the game change so quickly.

Win your day.

We get up every morning determined to be better today than yesterday.

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