Working with mint. is the best of both worlds between having an in-house digital marketing team and dealing with an agency that is an expert in its field. At cVert, we experience very high seasonality periods where our advertising dollars are condensed into a very short timeframe. During this period, we feel like mint. is an integral part of our team and that they care about our results as much as we do. That makes all the difference!

William Therrien, Vice-President and Associate
Head Office
Montreal, QC
Number of employees
Over 200
Lawn Care


Generate as many leads as possible in 4 months while maintaining low acquisition costs.


  1. Industry strongly affected by seasonality and weather
  2. Strong competition levels during the high season

Our Strategies.

Be one step ahead of the season by broadcasting campaigns to be top-of-mind during the high season.
Addition of offline conversion tracking for a better view of campaign profitability.
Remarketing sequence based on first interactions with an ad to create a continuation of the visual advertising concept.

How did we reach the goal?

Development of a positioning distinguishing cVert from its competitors.

Our industry rivals are targeting their potential customers with a message based on comparing their lawn to their neighbour's. Is this the real need for consumers or an old suburban cliché? 

Instead, we chose to focus cVert's message on the real problem facing buyers of lawn care services: lack of time. Summers are so short in Canada, why spend them picking up dandelions? Our ads promote the time and effort savings associated with cVert, allowing their customers to enjoy the summer.

Before the busy season, however, we focused the message around another concept: preventing rather than curing. We tested several ads featuring a comparison of the service with similar choices, such as a dentist for an appointment. 

Our ads also used nostalgic and Canadian references to increase brand loyalty.

Synchronization of search and display campaigns with weather and seasonality

To ensure that budgets aligned with demand, we started the lawn treatment display campaigns as soon as the snow began to melt. In addition, dandelion search campaigns were activated in late May, just as search volumes were peaking.

The Results.

27 440

in 4 months, between March 1rst, 2021 and June 30th, 2021.


in 4 months, between March 1rst, 2021 and June 30th, 2021.

online revenues

between March 2020 and July 2021

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