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Marie-Helene David, Founder & CEO
Head Office
Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC
Number of employees
Household and zero waste products


Launch Filo cleaning tablets in Canada and generate sustained growth in online sales.


  1. New product category requiring consumer education
  2. No brand awareness
  3. Low unit price may cause the average order value to be too low to grow profitably with paid acquisition

Our Strategies.

Educate consumers on not having to change their habits to switch to this eco-friendly product.
Amplify the appearance on the show Dans l'oeil du dragon with a conversion funnel to increase brand awareness in Quebec.
Added Pinterest Ads as an acquisition channel to target users looking for interior design inspiration.

How did we reach the goal?

Conversion Funnel - Amplify the "Dans l'oeil du dragon" Effect

We implemented a campaign strategy before, during and after Filo's appearance on the show to amplify its effect on sales.

A week before the broadcast, we ran traffic ads on Facebook/Instagram to showcase the product and to get the audience to watch the show that night. Audiences like "Entrepreneurs", "Dragon's Den" and "Women-Owned Business" assured low CPM and CPC.

During the broadcast, a brand protection campaign on search engines captured users looking for the brand with contextual ads.

Following the broadcast, we launch remarketing campaigns to retarget all website visitors brought by the show with personalized ads. We also set up a conversion funnel using the brand's appearance on the show to build trust around the brand.

Result 30 days after the show:

  • ROAS of 28X on Facebook Ads alone
  • Increase in sales generated by Facebook Ads: 7X previous month's
  • Increase in online sales: 13X previous month's

Brand Introduction Campaign in the Rest of Canada

We implemented a multi-phase strategy to increase the brand's awareness in English-speaking Canadian provinces where the brand recognition is low and the competition is strong.

First, we ran traffic campaigns to increase online store visits and position the company as Canadian, innovative and eco-friendly. Conversion and remarketing campaigns then generated a continuous increase in sales from the ROC. Finally, we launched multiple ad variations in Stories and Reels to increase the brand's contact points with potential customers.

Results over 5 months vs. 5 months prior to campaign launch:

  • +130% increase in online sales from ROC
  • Increased the share of ROC online sales from 6% to 20%

The Results.

average ROAS

in 3 months

sales increase

during the first 3 months vs. previous period

average monthly ROAS

in 2021

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