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Generate as many app installs at the lowest cost possible


  1. Install tracking impacted by the iOS 14.5 update
  2. No landing page dedicated to app downloads
  3. Low brand awareness in Quebec

Our Strategies.

Implementation of a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) for tracking downloads
Leveraging TikTok Ads as an emerging advertising platform
Utilizing influencer content to improve brand awareness and lower acquisition costs

How did we reach the goal?

Selection and implementation of AppsFlyer for tracking installs via iPhone

The iOS 14.5 update has transformed the advertising industry. On one hand, it enhances user data protection, but it hurts campaign performance tracking on the other. This is especially the case for App install campaigns. 

If a company wants to track downloads and in-app events for iPhone users on social advertising platforms, it is required to integrate a conversion tracking tool called Mobile Measurement Partner into its app.

We first guided the choice of tool by filtering available solutions according to the client's needs, namely:

  1. User data protection
  2. Available integrations for new social platforms
  3. MMP costs

Following the integration of the chosen MMP (AppsFlyer), it was then possible to obtain a realistic Cost Per Install (CPI) per campaign, per target or per ad. 

A/B testing available TikTok Ads audiences and advertising content

Since TikTok Ads is a new platform and FlipNpik had no advertising history, it was important to quickly test different audiences and content in hopes of identifying the best performing combinations. With 2 types of visuals, motion design and influencer videos, the following audiences were put in competition:

  • General (no interest)
  • Content creators (interest in photography and video content creation)
  • Foodies (interest in food, restaurants, bars and cocktails)
  • Lookalike (people similar to those who've downloaded the app)

We quickly learned that, on TikTok, the best advertising content is that which blends well with the background, i.e. influencer videos. Unfortunately, motion design visuals differ from the usual content found on the platform. Thus, their click-through and engagement rates were too low. 

Fortunately, our Foodies audience was able to get a high volume of installs for a CPI of $1.71.

The Results.

App Installs

between June 2021 and January 2022

Average Cost per Install

on iPhones

Cost per Install

for our Foodies audience in Quebec

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