I really like the close-knit aspect of mint, you really feel that they are an integral part of KaseMe. mint. also has a nice rigor in their daily work in addition to the monthly follow-ups. Their creativity in copywriting helps us achieve great results and gives us peace of mind. Their team is proactive and result-driven, two strong qualities that make us happy!

William Giroux, Co-Founder & CEO
Head Office
Saint-Georges, QC
Number of employees
Phone and electronic devices accessories


Double the annual revenue and improve KaseMe's brand awareness outside Quebec's borders


  1. Very competitive industry with an overabundance of large players already well established in the market.
  2. Adapting the brand and advertising strategy to export it outside the province without losing the very nature of KaseMe that has made it so successful in Quebec.

Our Strategies.

Quick integration of new advertising platforms to take advantage of their exponential growth, low introductory costs and large-scale delivery power
Capitalize on opportunistic moments by being bold and creative with creatives, placements and ad copies
Promote products in seasonal collections to position them as fashion accessories to increase purchase frequency

How did we reach the goal?

Multichannel Advertising Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat & TikTok Ads

Multi-platform strategy to diversify touch points, reach younger audiences and build an omnichannel conversion funnel. KaseMe has positioned itself as a bold and innovative brand in its industry. It was therefore obvious for this brand to quickly break into new platforms such as TikTok Ads, where we were among the first agencies in Canada to test the advertising solution in beta version accompanied by dedicated representatives.

Black Week 2020 Campaign

We concentrated the budget on Lead Generation campaigns in the months leading up to Black Week in order to acquire as many new subscribers as possible so that we could have free and guaranteed communications during the big sales days. We also went into acquisition and engagement mode in order to retarget Warm audiences during Black Week. The messaging for the Black Week campaigns was focused on influencing shoppers to complete Christmas gift purchases in advance or to treat themselves.

The Results.

Increase in annual revenue

In 2 years (09/18 - 08/19 vs. 09/20 - 08/21)

New subscribers to the newsletter

Acquired with paid acquisition campaigns

Increase in annual revenue outside of Quebec

In 1 year (09/19 - 08/20 vs. 09/20 - 08/21)

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