It is a true partnership, even a complicity that has been established between The Culinary Reserve and mint. A special mention for Catherine's active participation - through her great listening skills and her quick execution - in the rapid development of our brand on digital channels. Thank you to the entire team for putting their creativity at the service of The Culinary Reserve's excellence.

Julie Riendeau, eCommerce & Website Manager
The Culinary Reserve
Head Office
Montreal, QC
Number of employees
Ready-to-eat kits


Increase online sales while building customer loyalty.


  1. Fierce competition in the prepared-meals delivery business
  2. Reluctance from older consumers to purchase prepared and frozen food online

Our Strategies.

Using long-tail keywords to position the client where there is less competition on search engines.
Implementation of a Win-back campaign to increase repeat buyers.
Educating consumers on the culinary techniques used on the meal kits to show the product quality.

How did we reach the goal?

Targeting audiences with online shopping habits.

We created Food Ordering audiences targeting consumers with the following interests and habits: 

  • Food ordering mobile apps (e.g., Uber Eats and Doordash)
  • Casual fast food
  • Engaged shoppers

Since these audiences are used to ordering online from other prepared meal delivery companies, there is less friction to purchase from us because the habit is already formed. This has the effect of potentially increasing conversions once the user is on the website.


  • The cost per add to cart was 24% lower for these audiences

Using a culinary expert for social validation

We wanted to test the impact of using Chef François Martel's name by targeting Academy-related searches on Google Ads to showcase the Chef's favourites. The ultimate goal was to increase confidence in the Culinary Reserve's products.

Who is François Martel?
Renowned chef and founder of the Culinary Academy and the Culinary Reserve.

Why use an expert's identity in advertising?
By using his image, we increase trust in the Culinary Reserve by association, which can have a leverage effect on the click-through rate of ads.

The impact?

  • The CTR of ads mentioning the chef was 50% higher than their counterparts'
  • $10.18 ROAS for the campaign targeting Culinary Academy related searches

The Results.

of the benchmark CPC

mint CPC : $0.59 vs. benchmark CPC : $2.89

average ROAS

maintained between March 15, 2021 and March 4, 2022.

+ 36%
conversion rate

from April 2021 and October 2021

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