Since we started working with the team, it's like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for us! Their expertise and focus in paid ads makes them a key partner in achieving our growth goals. They are as passionate about achieving results as we are about our mission to eliminate single-use plastic.

Halina Torresan, Marketing Director
The Unscented Company
Head Office
Montreal, QC
Number of employees
Ecological household and body products


Launch Filo cleaning tablets in Canada and generate sustained growth in online sales.


  1. No advertising history with conversion-driven campaigns.
  2. Consumers are used to buying household products in grocery stores or big box stores and not online.
  3. Lack of consumer education about natural and odorless household products.

Our Strategies.

Targeting based on similar interests, behaviors and lookalikes audiences of recurring customers.
Leveraging blog posts in paid aids to educate consumers.
Using Google Ads promo extensions to increase CTR on search campaigns.

How did we reach the goal?

Retargeting Blog Post Traffic Ads With Conversion Campaigns.

We ran traffic ads linking to different blog posts in order to educate potential buyers on responsible housekeeping and to democratize buying products in bulk.

This allowed us to increase the size of the website visitors audience and to create remarketing campaigns personalized to specific blog posts.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Strategy.

    We ran lead generation campaigns to collect email addresses 3 weeks before the BFCM in order to expand our warm audiences.

    Retargeted people who interacted with the ads with conversion campaigns during the BFCM sale.

    We leveraged promo extensions to increase paid search performance.


    • 34X ROAS during BFCM
    • x6 conversion rate of paid search campaigns with promo extensions

    The Results.

    YoY increase in online sales

    during the 3-month period.

    average monthly ROAS

    in the first 3 months with paid ads.

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