By choosing mint., we knew we were opting for an agile team that would understand our reality and needs. Their good knowledge of the market, their speed of execution, and their creativity made us want to build a strong and trusting relationship for the future. The results of the BFCM (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) showed that they were able to meet our expectations and instill confidence in us for the future.

Florence Ferron
Maison Lavande
Head Office
Saint-Eustache, Québec
Number of employees
Culture and fragrance


Increase online sales in Quebec.


  1. Increased advertising costs during the period due to greater competition and advertiser density
  2. 3-day promotional window only
  3. First time Maison Lavande launches a BFCM promotion in Ontario

Our Strategies.

Deployment of an audience growth strategy prior to BFCM
Rely exclusively on retargeting campaigns during the promotion period
Setting up the tracking of in-store sales generated from advertising (Offline Conversion Tracking) to implement online and offline acquisition strategies.

How did we reach the goal?

Investing upstream to avoid competition.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are synonymous with a high concentration of advertisers and increased advertising delivery costs. CPMs can be up to 5 times higher during this time. Hence, trying to convert a "cold" audience during this busy shopping period can be very expensive.

To overcome this, we deployed a pre-BFCM acquisition strategy with a campaign optimized for add-to-carts that ran from October to mid-November. This strategy enabled us to expand our "warmed-up" audience pool at a more than reasonable cost.


  • 23,219 add to cart at $0.63 per ATC on Meta Ads
  • 7,154 add to cart at $0.69 per ATC on Pinterest Ads

Capitalizing on our warmed-up audiences

Running a launch campaign before a major promotion period like BFCM helps increase consideration and conversion at the start of the event. Indeed, reaching a cold audience during BFCM is much less profitable than an audience that already considers the brand. That's why we capitalized on warmed-up users by deploying only remarketing campaigns during the 3-day promotion.

The deployed strategy allowed us to concentrate our efforts in the right places, but more importantly, at the right time. It was consequently responsible for a 27% increase in sales vs. the same period the year prior.

Setting up Offline Conversion Tracking

Although our mandate was to increase online sales by 10% during this period, we were confident that our digital ads would have an impact on the number of purchases made in physical stores as well. To measure this influence, we implemented in-store sales tracking for digital ads, which allows us to identify those that generated a transaction in one of the stores.

Using this tactic is all the more important for a client like Maison Lavande, whose product offering more often than not engages the five senses (cream, perfumes, etc.). Indeed, some consumers may prefer to smell and touch the products in store.

In short, by sending the information from each transaction back to the advertising platforms, it allows us to identify which ads strongly influenced the consumer's purchase.


  • 215 in-store transactions generated from digital advertising

    between November 25-27, 2022

The Results.


increase in sales

from Nov. 25 and November 28 2022 compared to the same period the previous year
(vs. the client's set target of 10%).


Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER)

during BFCM 2022 (vs. 53 MER in 2021).
*MER = Total Sales / Advertising Expenses.


increase in sales

in Nov. 2022 compared to Nov. 2021.

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