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Vanessa Mennillo, Founder and CEO
Head Office
Mirabel, QC
Number of employees
Swimsuits and clothing


Increase online and in-store sales in Canada


  1. Competitive industrie with low barriers to entry
  2. Strong seasonality in Canada
  3. No historical advertising data and low website SEO score.

Our Strategies.

Deployment of an omnichannel strategy to increase the number of touch points with our target audience
Implementation of an acquisition strategy to expand the brand's reach in Ontario
Realignment of the Google Ads strategy after the first month

How did we reach the goal?

Ad Presence on Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads

We started the mandate with a social ads strategy on Meta and a seach engine ad strategy on Google. We quickly found that an overabundance of competitors exploited the same platforms. Even though our campaigns were highly performing and profitable, the idea of testing a less crowded advertising platform that could help us reach our target market was attractive. Pinterest Ads was quickly added for the launch of Mennillo's new swimwear collection. 

Pinterest is the go to platform for young women in search of fashion and travel inspiration. For us, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce the brand to its target audience before the purchase decision is even made and place it top-of-mind ahead of its competitors (the advertising platform being less frequently used by other swimwear brands in Canada).

ROAS of 7 in the first 3 months after launch

    Budget Allocation and Growth Strategy

    Our team manages our partners' investments in a very active way. Our proactivity and flexibility can be seen in the allocation of spend by platform, by market and by campaign, as well as in the strategic growth of the budget to maintain control over the campaigns' profitability. 

    For this mandate, we made weekly adjustments to the advertising budget in order to:

    • Track seasonality of demand.
    • Generate budget growth in profitable areas and eliminate budget in underperforming areas to maintain an excellent ROAS.
    • Generate growth in Ontario.
    • Amplify best performing messages and visuals to generate new customers at the lowest possible acquisition cost.

    Integration of Google Ads Display Campaigns

    We started the mandate with both acquisition and brand protection campaigns on Google's search engine.

    However, when the summer season arrived, we observed an increasing number of competitors with larger budgets and higher authority on search engines (SEO), preventing us from maintaining a good profitability with our current acquisition costs (CPA).

    We therefore adjusted our strategy by investing in the Display Network while only keeping Brand Protection campaigns for search.

    This ajustment led to the following impacts:
    (May-August 2022 versus March-April 2022)

    • ROAS +88%
    • Clicks +400%
    • Reached close to 1M impressions
    • Doubled conversions 
    • 15% increase of the Average Cart

    The Results.


    in 6 months between March 1rst and August 31rst 2022.

    sales increase in Ontario

    March 1rst to August 31rst 2022 vs the same period in 2021.

    increase in online sales

    from March 31rst to August 31rst 2022 vs 2021.

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