Plancher à bas prix
Head Office
Laval, QC
Number of employees
11 to 50
Retail flooring coverings


  • Generate the highest number of qualified leads in the province of Quebec
  • Drive traffic and in-store purchases
  • Generate qualified leads


  1. Growing demand for visuals exceeding the client's production capacity.
  2. Challenges in integrating the sales management system with advertising platforms for conversion tracking.
  3. Ensuring the profitability of the new Vaudreuil branch.
  4. Generating qualified applications in a labor shortage context

Our Strategies.

Assuming responsibility for ideation and the creation of visual content.
Shifting to a client-friendly and readily integrable system
Building on existing strengths — a high-performing audience & drive-to-store
Hiring top talent swiftly through Meta Ads

How did we reach the goal?

High-performing visual content optimized through A/B testing.

In order to help Plancher à Bas Prix stand out, improve its results, and capture the interest of its audience, mint. chose to implement a high ad rotation strategy. However, this approach relies on creating a large number of visuals within tight deadlines. Our design team was responsible for the end-to-end creation of high-impact advertising content.

From conception to execution, our team produced five new visuals per month for PABP. This approach allowed us to conduct monthly A/B tests to refine our understanding of different target audiences. As a result, we maintained the relevance of the content, leading to significantly improved performance.

Results :

  • 24% growth in Link Click-Through Rate (CTR) from January 2023 to June 2023 compared to the same period the previous year.
  • 53% decrease in Cost Per Mille (CPM) from January 2023 to June 2023 compared to the same period the previous year.

Improved data measurement & client system integration

To continuously improve campaign performance, our team implemented tracking strategies tailored to the client's specific needs by consolidating online and in-store conversions within advertising platforms.

The tracking challenge in this case lay in the simultaneous use of the CRM PipeDrive for website leads and an independent accounting system for in-store sales. While the first software collects Google Click ID and Facebook Click ID (identifiers assigned to users who click on ads), the second one does not. Therefore, we centralized sales results as follows:

  1. Utilizing "offline conversion tracking" to import converted PipeDrive leads into the advertising platforms, relying on GCLID and FBCLID. This method ensures a reliable match of sales across platforms.
  2. Implementing "conversion import," which involves periodically importing in-store sales (without GCLID or FBCLID) directly into the advertising platforms.

This approach allows us to overcome the absence of GCLID and FBCLID, particularly in the case of Plancher à Bas Prix, where many users click on ads and subsequently visit a store.

Driving online visitors to stores with a high-performing audience & DTS strategies

In addition to generating the highest number of qualified leads in Quebec, mint. was tasked with ensuring the profitability of the branches. To achieve this goal, "drive-to-store" campaigns were implemented, targeting specific geographic areas around the stores, capitalizing on the experience and insights gained from our previous online conversion campaigns.

The advertising strategy is based on replicating the audience that showed the highest performance in our past conversion campaigns. This audience is then translated into our "drive-to-store" (DTS) campaigns. Insights from previous buyers have helped fine-tune our targeting criteria to maximize results.


  • 130 users converted into in-store buyers measured from January to June 2023.

Acquiring qualified applications through Meta Ads

In today's job market, passively waiting for job applications on employment platforms is no longer sufficient. Given that 80% of candidates are inactive, it is imperative to leverage digital advertising to expedite hiring. Therefore, we initiated lead generation campaigns on the Meta Ads platform to fill our vacant positions. By using a form directly on this platform, we streamlined the application process, resulting in a higher response rate. Through this strategy, PABP was able to fill the advertised positions in less than 14 days.


  • Obtain 450 applications at a cost of $6.11 per lead.


The Results.

the annual revenue

From June 2022 to july 2023.

the ad spend from $5k to $40k/month

From June 2022 to july 2023.

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