I was hesitant at first to work with an agency because it involved a lot of money for us. But the results are amazing and it feels good to have an expert as a partner in the ecommerce jungle.

Julie M. Dumais, Founder & CEO
June Swimwear
Head Office
Montreal, QC
Number of employees
Swimwear and clothing


Increase online sales across Canada.


  1. Competitive industry with low barriers to entry
  2. Industry with strong seasonality in Canada
  3. Product category affected by low quality perception

Our Strategies.

High ad rotation on warm audiences.
Limited time promotions to boost sales in low season and at the end of collections.
Implement pre-sale campaigns and V.I.P. access to build hype before product launches.

How did we reach the goal?

Launch of SS21 Collection

We set up Lead Generation Campaigns two weeks before the launch to grow the subscriber list and to build hype for the SS21 collection.

We ran Conversion Campaigns to retarget the subscribers with ads showcasing the new collection.


Lead Generation Campaigns:  $0.88 average cost per lead
Conversion Campaigns: 15X ROAS

    Mix and Match Carousel Ads

    We showcased the remaining products and focused the ad copies on combining different tops and bottoms to sell the last sizes available at the end of the season.


    • $9,400 investment for $160,000 in sales with this ad concept
    • 17X average ROAS

    The Results.

    average ROAS

    for two years (11/19 to 11/21)

    of online sales

    in the ROC in 2021

    increase in online sales

    in 2020 vs. 2019

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