mint. came in with their expertise to help us at a crucial time in our growth. When we were barely reaching a fraction of our market, they helped us discover our full potential. We now have the peace of mind that our campaigns are optimized frequently and our ad creatives tested weekly. Big advantage of working with them: conversations are always easy and the results are communicated monthly.

Sarah Laroche, Founder & CEO of SELV.RITUEL
SELV Rituel
Head Office
Montreal, QC
Number of employees
Body, bath and home products


Increase online sales in Quebec.


  1. SELV's distributors also advertise on search engines and thus compete for impressions.
  2. The beauty & self-care industry is one of the most competitive in terms of average CPM and CPC. Google Ads' average CPC for the "Beauty & personal care" industry is $1.11 and $1.85 on Meta Ads for the "Beauty & Fitness" industry.

Our Strategies.

Ideation of creatives for Meta Ads and Pinterest Ads based on our experience in the industry.
Take advantage of a competitor's TV exposure to promote SELV products.
Implementation of a "Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)" campaign on Meta to quickly validate the most effective combination of creative and copy for our targeted audience.

How did we reach the goal?

Eye-catching creatives: The key to user acquisition.

We used different visual techniques to make the ads stand out from the crowd. Text animation and sequentially appearing letters create an effect of length alluding to the slow pace of a day.

Wordplay such as "Baindépendantes" generated a touch of humor, while simulated text conversations allowed to reach the consumer's daily life. All in GIF format to improve the perceived quality by Meta and thus reduce the CPM.

    Take advantage of a competitor's momentum to slip in a promotional offer.

    In May, a competitor made an appearance on a popular TV show to showcase their products. We prepared accordingly and took advantage of this opportunity. We surfed on the high search volume for the product category to offer a discount to users on our pair search ads.

    Leverage Dynamic Optimization Technology (DCO) to deliver a more relevant and impactful experience that resonates with users.

    A DCO campaign allows us to quickly create multiple iterations of an ad using the same basic ad structure, while customizing portions of the ad based on audience, context and past performance.

    As a result, this tactic improved the efficiency and speed of our learning by finding the most profitable ad creative and text for our COLD audience (who never interacted with the brand). This resulted in a 10x higher ROAS (ROAS of $7.08) than our campaigns without DCO (ROAS of $0.73).

    The Results.

    platform ROAS

    between April 1rst and April 30th 2022

    average ROAS

    with visual concepts introduced by mint.


    with the promotion extension on Google Ads

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